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Asphalt Coating

Asphalt Coating

MPS Paving specialises in asphalt coating development which not only provide colour and decorative patterns to the surface but also fortify and seal. From courtyards and driveways and outdoor areas asphalt coatings will beautify, weatherproof, rejuvenate or decorate your surface.

Asphalt coatings are best suited for areas that are externally exposed. The StreetBond™ advanced coating system for asphalt has been used in many conditions in over 40 countries around the world. High performance asphalt coatings must be specially formulated, they have to be flexible to move with the asphalt but also hard enough to withstand heavy wear. If they are too hard they risk cracking, and if too flexible, they risk early deterioration, and if too smooth you risk creating a slippery surface.

StreetBond™ advanced coatings for asphalt adhere permanently to asphalt surfaces and have been developed with balanced performance characteristics in mind, ensuring quality results and enduring beauty for your asphalt coating projects.

Asphalt coating is also an economical solution to repair and seal existing worn asphalt surfaces. And for new surfaces, installation is fast and efficient and a low-maintenance surface which means savings in the long term.

Our Asphalt Coating offerings include: