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Pattern Paving

pattern paving

Pattern paving systems can revitalise tired outdoor spaces

Whether you’re paving a surface for the first time or are looking to refresh or reinvigorate an existing paved surface, pattern paving is an option that deserves serious consideration. An ideal choice for driveways, patios, swimming pool surrounds, large courtyards and other outdoor living areas, pattern paving systems bring elegance and beauty to outdoor spaces and can be designed to increase harmony with the area’s surroundings.

When planning a pattern paving project, you’ll need to make some tough decisions about the paving material to be used, the shape of the pavers, paving colours and paving finishes. Although your pattern paving options are limited only by your imagination, popular paving patterns in New Zealand include herringbone, basket weave and stack bond patterns. In recent years, there’s also been an increase in demand for circular pattern paving designs.

At MPS Paving Systems, we have extensive experience in pattern paving projects for residential and commercial areas. In a recent project at Malvern’s (VIC) Cabrini Hospital, we recently overhauled the hospital courtyard with a SuperStone™ pattern paving project that breathed colour and new life into a tired and dreary outdoor area.

Our Pattern Paving offerings include: