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Pebble Paving

Pebble Paving

Pebble paving solutions are available for interior and exterior environments

Pebble paving involves the overlay of small pebbles onto an existing surface. Suitable for interior and exterior environments, pebble paving is often used to bring new life to dull or lackluster surface areas. Because of the wide variety of landscaping pebbles available, pebble paving projects can achieve a vast array of aesthetically pleasing objectives and can add splashes of colour and texture to areas in and around any home or business.

In exterior projects, pebble paving is often used to add texture to pathways and around garden areas. Pebbles give these areas a natural appearance and a pebble paving solution can be found to mix well with nearly any existing or planned vegetation. Varying the size of the pebbles enhances depth and creates attractive designs.

In interior environments pebble paving is often used in bathrooms, kitchens and commercial showrooms. Pebble paving is frequently employed as an edging or bordering technique to assist in guiding the visual flow from one area or room to another.

At MPS Paving Systems, we offer a variety of pebble paving products to help you achieve your project’s objectives. Whether you’re looking for the bold colours and highlights of CrystalPave™, a permeable pebble paving product like FlowStone™, or the natural look of StoneCarpet, we’re available to assist you with all of your pebble paving needs.

Our Pebble Paving offerings include: