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Road Marking

road marking

Road markings increase safety and improve traffic flow

Road markings convey essential information and directions to pedestrians, drivers and bicyclists. Often road markings, which can be permanent or temporary, are used to delineate and divide lanes of traffic or highlight the presence of road features like bicycle lanes, bus lanes or crosswalks. Markings on roads or highways may also be used to alert traffic and pedestrians of lane direction and indicate stopping and parking restrictions.

MPS Paving Systems’ range of road marking offerings increase road safety and improve traffic flow through demarcation, high visibility and anti-skid solutions. We have road marking products suitable both for asphalt and concrete environments. Our road marking products enjoy worldwide acceptance and are well-known for their durability in high-traffic areas, resistance to oil and petrol, and simple installation which reduces traffic disruption.

With over 15 years experience in the road marking industry, and products that have been successfully used in more than 40 countries, MPS Paving Systems can help find the solution you need.

Our Road Marking offerings include: